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SPRING and SUMMER are coming soon!!!


If you are so ready to leave the cold behind, we can think of nothing better than throwing a springtime party! Whatever event you want to hold as the weather gets warmer and brighter, Chef DeJoie Catering has a wealth of ideas to make your event taste fabulous! Here are 5 great ideas for springtime catering that we came up with, but this is just the beginning! 
Oh and we do these for ANY event you may be having... parties, dinners, tailgates and if you just that hungry and want one just because...

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Join Chef DeJoie Catering and Events and friends at the Atlanta Mission Board during the next bi Annually Community Give back initiative hosted by Chef Marlon himself.

Grilled Chicken & Veggies

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To be announced, join us for our Wayfield Foods BBQ Tour. You can try chefs' newest creations, while getting cooking and health tips before or after going in to shop for your groceries.  

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Cantonese Roast Duck
St. Louis Pork Ribs
Quesadillas & Balsamic Drizzle
I am proud to announce that Chef DeJoieCatering and Events is onboard to participate in the 3rd Annual "A DAY OF GIVING Event". I thoroughly nJoie'd working with all of the wonderful and helpful volunteers last year. We will be partnering with Press Reset Entertainment, V-103, WAOK, Walmart, The Atlanta Mission Board and others to make this event of giving a success. As always thanking GOD for his BLESSING's. Please come out to support the food drive as we will be feeding and clothing 1000's of people in need. Come out next Saturday 11/22 to Walmart @ 835 MLK Drive from 12PM - 4PM
Crusted Tilapia & Pico de Gallo